Responding to the Response

The last post is Dad’s response to a letter written in the OVMA’s   (Ohio Veterinary Medicine Association) newsletter.   I read this and I could not help but try to recreate the letter that had been written by Tom.


I am sure Tom was writing a funny little letter about “pondering the meaning of life and veterinary medicine”. Dad took life a little too seriously to be amused by such an attempt at humor.


So Tom, opened by making a joke about how he is writing his letter, now, while the house is quite because the family is at church.   Wow, Tom, first big mistake. Dad was all over this bit of humor. Not all of the family was at church, was it, Tommy boy?


He must have also made reverence to his practice. Tom, apparently in his 50’s, sees his career as winding down and himself as past his prime. He is looking forward to retirement and the easy life I am guessing.


And, of course, Tom had some thoughts on marriage. He used the tired joke about telling your wife your sorry no matter what. Dad, I have never liked this joke either.


Tom must have also had some profound questions about how to be successful in his practice. I think Dad straightened him out pretty quickly.


I feel a little sorry for Tom. He is missing what life is really about and looking for comfort and an easy way out. Too bad he never received this letter. If he had I imagine He would have thrown it in the trash and said, ‘crazy old guy.’ But, maybe later after he thought about it a bit, he would have pulled it back out and done a little soul searching.


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