Growing up there were always yellow legal pads scattered around our house. They belonged to my dad. On them, he wrote his thoughts about life, government, history…. but more often about the Bible.   They were preparations for a Sunday School class he was teaching or attending, or just concepts he was studying. He was a student of the Bible and loved to read and study it.


My dad, Dr. John Lies, was a veterinarian who ran two clinics with over 100 employees. Mom and Dad were married for fifty-seven years. He was a father to seven children, a grandfather to nineteen (with one more on the way), and a great-grandfather to two.


He was also a WW II veteran who helped to liberate a concentration camp at the end of the war. At one point in his life, he got his pilot’s license and owned a plane. He bought a sick racehorse, nursed it back to health, and entered it in some races before selling it. He loved to drive. Our family vacations were two-week long road trips with a packed station wagon and a pop up camper. He played the clarinet, trumpet, piano or any other instruments that found its way into our house. He was also known for getting his hands on our school text books and correcting them.


Dad passed away February 12, 2010. In his last years, he suffered from Alzheimer’s. Fortunately for him, he did not have to suffer through the final staged of the disease. He died peacefully that morning sitting in his living room chair with a comforter over him.


Those yellow legal pads from my childhood are still in the house. They stand in tall stacks in dad’s office. My goal is to transfer dad’s writings from those stacks to this blog. I hope you find them interesting and thought provoking.


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